Press release

visit-jordanAmman, Jordan and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 2014 – In 2011, the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) faced a public relations challenge. A major reduction of inbound tourism in the wake of the Arab Spring left the tourism industry reeling. Acting quickly and showing true innovation, JTB dramatically increased their digital footprint, helping reshape global opinion about traveling to Jordan. Part of this effort was through the engagement of key online influencers, an effort that resulted in a renewed image of the country amongst the world’s travelers. JTB’s #GoJordan campaign revolutionized the world of travel PR and marketing and now in 2014, they’re ready to once again be a global leader in digital engagement.

Partnering with the worldwide leader in social travel digital campaigns, iambassador, JTB will welcome a contingent of some of the world’s most influential travelers to once again help share the beautiful story of Jordan.



Through an unprecedented digital storytelling campaign, the social travelers will visit Jordan in October 2014 in order to meet everyday Jordanians, learn about their lives and share those remarkable tales with their global audiences. Through this innovative concept, the influencers will in turn share the special travel experiences that can only be found in Jordan.

Exploring themes of food, adventure, luxury, culture and natural exploration, the seven bloggers will discover all Jordan has to offer, taking in iconic sites like Petra and Wadi Rum and visiting lesser known, not as frequented spots that demonstrate the diversity of experiences available in Jordan.

Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board, lauded this new development as “a campaign that will provide prospective travelers with a more targeted and engaging way to discover the richness and diversity of Jordan. It is truly a testament to JTB’s ongoing commitment to promote Jordan while making strides in global tourism marketing and public relations.”

A second press release will include additional information regarding the individual influencers, their itineraries and what to expect from the 2014 version of the highly successful #GoJordan campaign.

About the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB)

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) was officially established in 1997 as a partnership between the private and public sector with the aim of creating and implementing marketing strategies to market Jordan’s tourism potential worldwide. The strategies were laid out to portray Jordan’s tourism potential and underline its importance as an ideal destination and business and conference hub. As part of its marketing plan, JTB designs and executes a comprehensive plan to advertise Jordan through representation, trade fairs, workshops, exhibitions, educational trips, as well as public relations and distribution of advertising material.

About iambassador

Founded in 2011 by Keith Jenkins (CEO), iambassador is an international network of travel bloggers and currently counts more than 50 leading travel, food and lifestyle bloggers in its core team, as well as award-winning television and video producers. In addition, iambassador has partnerships with travel blogger networks in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and China, allowing it to tap into a broader pool of specialists.

iambassador offers a suite of innovative, value-adding products and services. These include creating attractive marketing concepts, blog trip planning and advisory, social media campaign planning and execution, video production and seminars. The iambassador team has a proven track record of cooking up new and exciting blog trip concepts and social media marketing campaigns. Examples include the #GoJordan social media campaign, in partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, during which almost two million people were reached in two days; the hugely successful #Blogville project, a ground-breaking partnership with the Emilia Romagna tourism board; #LoveCapeTown, a collaboration with the Cape Town Tourism Board with a focus on crowdsourcing local travel tips and ideas; and the historic #MeetSouthAfrica campaign with South African Tourism.