Jordan1Jordan hosted numerous travel bloggers throughout 2011 on individually tailored trips. The resulting content was diverse in style and rich in colourful observations and practical tips.

iambassador took the collaboration between travel bloggers and the Jordan Tourism Board a step further by designing a campaign which showcased this diverse content and utilised the social media reach of the bloggers. Each blogger created a ‘Featured Destination: Jordan’ page that highlighted their Jordan content. During the two-day social media campaign (using the #GoJordan hashtag), the bloggers tweeted their Jordan content and invited others to share their Jordan experiences and tips. On Day 2, a #GoJordan hour was held on twitter, co-hosted by the bloggers and Visit Jordan, during which questions about travel in Jordan were answered. The timing of the #GoJordan hour enabled twitter users in Asia, Europe and North America to join in.

The two-day campaign reached 1.9m people and generated 41.8m twitter impressions. In other words, 1.9m people saw an average of 22 tweets about Jordan in two days. 552 people contributed an original tweet.

Twitter traffic (in number of tweets sent, number of people reached and tweet impressions) showed a formidable spike during the #GoJordan hour. The one-hour Q&A session on twitter generated 16.4 million impressions.

Read the press release from the Jordan Tourism Board after the conclusion of the campaign.


A win-win campaign for all

  • The campaign drove traffic to the Visit Jordan website and to the participating blogs, as well as to the newly-launched ‘Postcards from Jordan’ microsite featuring posts from travel bloggers
  • Visit Jordan attributed its top travel listings 2012 on Virtuoso & Condé Nast to its 2011 blogger & social media campaigns
  • Visit Jordan reported an increased number of followers on its Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Hundreds of people participated by tweeting about their experiences in Jordan, often including links to articles and photos
  • The general public learned about Jordan’s diverse attractions. Many expressed an interest to visit Jordan in 2012 whilst others reminisced about their holiday in Jordan. Many local Jordanians joined by sharing travel tips.

The 2011 social media outreach campaign, including #GoJordan, was immensely successful, leading to Jordan being on travelers’ minds and on many top travel lists, including Condé Nast Traveler, New York Times Travel, Virtuoso, and National Geographic, among many others.

We could not be more delighted with the success of iambassador and are proud to have been the first to pursue this venture with Keith. The campaign surpassed any expectations we may have had, with many travelers expressing their excitement about booking a trip to Jordan after learning so much about it from the campaign. We hope to continue working with innovative bloggers, such as Keith, in the future.


– Jordan Tourism Board