We are thrilled to announce the launch of SustainableCities.travel, a collaboration between iambassador and Climate Conscious Travel. Sustainable Cities is a one-stop platform for travelers to find ideas and inspiration for immersive travel in cities around the world – while having a positive impact on the environment, the people who live there, and its intangible natural and cultural heritage.

About Sustainable Cities

While tourism can provide economic benefits for cities, it can also have negative impacts on the environment, culture, and quality of life for residents. With the Sustainable Cities platform, we aim to address these challenges by showcasing sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and locals. From low emission and community-focused activities to sustainably farmed food and circular fashion, Sustainable Cities provides information and tips on how to explore a city whilst minimizing our travel footprint. Our aim is to create a community of travelers who are committed to making a positive impact in places they visit.

In order to achieve this, the platform brings together DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) and sustainability-minded storytellers, content creators and influencers, to showcase their cities through a conscious lens.

By working with a diverse group of local storytellers and past visitors, Sustainable Cities is committed to amplifying local voices, minimizing the environmental footprint of flying in storytellers from other places, and most importantly, offering insider suggestions to travelers interested in meaningful exploration.


A special thank you goes to our founding partner, Graz Tourism, for their unwavering support.

“Graz Tourismus is really pleased to be a founding partner of this platform. Sustainable / responsible travel is the talk of town, everybody wants to do it but often we don’t know how to do it. This website offers help and information on how to explore Graz in a more sustainable or even responsible way. It is a unique tool that goes beyond (just) means of transportation but approaches travel in a more holistic way. It’s informative, educational and gives insights on what sustainable and responsible travel means. With this website, we hope to help future visitors to Graz to explore our city in a more meaningful and in-depth way. We want to encourage our visitors to go beyond the main attractions, to engage with locals and enjoy their stay feeling like a “temporary local”. ~ Susanne Hoeller, Graz Tourismus 

Partner with us

Join us in our endeavour to transform urban travel! We invite city DMOs and travel content creators to contact us for partnerships and content contributions.

Contact Keith and Shivya at: info[ad]sustainablecities[dot]travel.