After two challenging years, 2022 was certainly our year of recovery. In early-spring, as borders gradually opened, we were delighted (and thankful) to start organising trips and marketing campaigns once again. Momentum picked up in the summer and early-autumn when we executed numerous sizeable campaigns for Italy and Germany. Sustainable travel was a prominent theme and we worked hard to integrate sustainability principles in our campaigns. For example, wherever possible, our content creators travelled by train or electric vehicles; we had a strong focus on vegan and locally-sourced food; selected sustainably-responsible accommodations; and we involved local operators and activity providers for immersive experiences.

iambassador campaigns 2022

Here are some of the campaigns we worked on in 2022:


In collaboration with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), we organised a social media campaign to generate awareness for the re-opening of Mauritius to visitors. We selected a group of travel creators from selected target markets who had been to Mauritius to re-post existing or new content on their social media channels. The 4-week campaign generated a Reach of almost 2 million.



We also partnered with TUI Care Foundation to organise creator trips to Mexico to raise awareness of TUI Care’s Tourism Recovery Programme. The creators were hosted by local guides, accommodations and operators who participated in the Programme. During their trips, they shared their experiences of sustainability projects, community initiatives and immersive experiences via their social media channels and blogs.

TUI Care Foundation Mexico


in the 5th edition of this campaign, we sent two groups of travel creators to explore the places along the Main and Ems Rivers in Germany. This campaign, a partnership with the German National Tourist Board and Deutsche Bahn, saw the creators train, cycle, hike and paddle along the rivers!



A second collaboration with the German National Tourist Board saw us organise 8 creator trips to Germany. These trips had a strong sustainable travel focus. As a result, we spent plenty of time researching suitable creators and organising the individual trips to ensure that the sustainability principles were closely followed. Accommodations, transport types, restaurants and activity providers were carefully selected based on their commitment to sustainability.

Travel by train in Germany


Our biggest project of the year was #ViaggioItaliano. The main aim of this project, a partnership with the Italian National Tourist Board, was to discover lesser-known but no less interesting places and villages (borghi) in Italy. We sent 21 travel creators to each of the 21 Italian regions, where they followed a customised itinerary based on their interests. The content they produced was sufficient to fill a book so that’s what we did! At the end of the campaign, we published an e-book (available as a free download) containing the articles of each creator. This campaign has so far generated a Reach of approximately 2.5 million.


We also partnered with the Austrian National Tourist Office to send four travel creators to various regions in Austria. The main themes were active/outdoor and culture, and the creators were given the task to discover authentic Austrian experiences and products.

Graz was one of the places visited

Despite the uncertain start, 2022 turned out to be a very successful year for us. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to once again collaborate with our clients and network of travel creators to create exciting campaigns.

We wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a wonderful NEW YEAR!