Each iambassador concept is unique.


Each iambassador concept is unique. Concepts can be created to generate online multimedia content, enhance your social media presence and/or market a specific theme or product. The iambassador team implements an integrated solution that combines content with marketing, social media amplification, and tracking to clearly demonstrate results.

Blog Trip Planning and Advisory

Each blog trip is different and can be planned to focus on a destination, a specific theme (culture, cuisine, luxury, wellness, nature, etc.), or a special event.

The iambassador team has a proven track record of devising innovative and exciting blog trip concepts and social media marketing campaigns.

Examples include:

  • the #UnexpectedGB campaign which saw North American  travel and food bloggers exploring the British countryside, generating 205 million opportunities to see and producing an Advertising Value Equivalency of US$4 million;
  • the hugely successful #Blogville project, a ground-breaking partnership with the Emilia Romagna tourism board that generated a wealth of quality multimedia content;
  • the unique #MelbourneTouring campaign, which combined promotion of two destinations and the launch of a new aircraft, a partnership with Tourism Victoria, Royal Brunei Airlines and 4BGB;
  • the historic #MeetSouthAfrica campaign with South Africa Tourism

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns can be organised during a blog trip, following the trip, or as stand-alone campaigns utilising existing content on travel blogs. In addition, the iambassador team can help you expand your social media presence. Content created during a blog trip can be used to populate a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. For example, the #StayMovenpick campaign was designed to enhance Mövenpick Hotels’ Pinterest presence utilizing content produced by bloggers.

Campaigns can also be organised to generate exposure for a brand by means of contests or giveaways.

Media Partnerships

iambassador team members such as Traveldudes and Velvet Escape are among the most influential travel names in social media. Media partnerships for social media campaigns, events, or blogger outreach programmes can be discussed. The team also has experts in specific social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest at your disposal.