logo-blogville-2014-transparent 300We are very proud to announce the fourth edition of BlogVille, the award-winning concept that welcomes bloggers from around the world to experience Italy like a local. In 2015, BlogVille will be a collaboration between iambassador and Emilia Romagna Tourist Board and the Lombardy Tourist Board.

BlogVille provides bloggers from around the world a base, one in Bologna and one in Milan, from which they are able to explore the destination in a totally new way, allowing them to capture the essence of local life and share the experience with the world!

Every blogger will have the chance to spend one week at BlogVille (from Monday to Monday) in one of the two apartments that you can see here.

Official dates are:

  • Bologna: Monday 1st June – Monday 6th July, 2015
  • Milan: Monday 7th September – Monday 5th October, 2015

blogville-cover-new-edition (1)Both destinations will help bloggers to create a tailored itinerary throughout Emilia Romagna and Lombardy in order to discover and experience what they and their readers really want, not following the standards of a classic blog trip, but giving the complete freedom with no boundaries and restrictions.

And this year you will have the chance to visit as well the EXPO 2015 in Milan!

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