Blog Island Malta

In the spring and autumn of 2014, iambassador partnered with the Malta Tourism Authority to organise the #MaltaisMore Blog Island project. A derivative of the innovative Blogville concept which iambassador had worked on together with the Emilia Romagna tourism board for several years, Blog Island welcomed 72 travel bloggers and videographers from around the world. A blogger apartment, in this case, a blogger palace, was selected in central Valletta which the bloggers could use as their base to explore the the islands.

The bloggers were provided with flights by Air Malta from any European destination, accommodation in the blogger apartment, a #MaltaIsMore pass for free entrance to museums and attractions as well as pocket money for food and transport costs. Various activities were organised for the bloggers every week such as a sailing trip, trips to Gozo and Camino, cooking classes and tours of historic sites.

Campaign stats

The 72 bloggers and videographers generated:

  • 302 million opportunities-to-see on social media
  • a reach of 7.6 million social media accounts
  • 1,500 photos on Instagram
  • 6 videos
  • 250+ blog posts and counting

iambassador partner, BrandsEye, calculated the social media advertising value equivalent of this exposure to be EUR 5 million.

This campaign set itself apart due to its size (involving 72 bloggers/videographers), high level of engagement via social media and blogs, and the breadth and depth of the coverage (from history to culture, heritage sites, beaches, adventure and food).