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Image courtesy of Dresden Marketing Board.

Image courtesy of Dresden Marketing Board.

The GNTB and Dresden Marketing Launch Blogger Campaign #youngDresden

London/Amsterdam/Frankfurt – The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) and the Dresden Marketing Board have invited bloggers from international source markets to visit Dresden between end January – end March, to experience the ‘metropolis on the Elbe’ from a variety of different perspectives and to file their own blog posts. The aim of this campaign is to increase Dresden’s presence on the various online channels, while enabling bloggers to generate high quality content for their own social media platforms.

Through its 2013 campaign entitled ‘YOUTH HOTSPOTS IN GERMANY – Share the moment’ the GNTB worked closely with the youth market to raise awareness of travel in Germany; this group continues to share and communicate their latest activities around German regions and cities.
“With the #youngDresden project we are building on the experience and success of our global campaign ‘Youth HotSpots in Germany’. During that campaign, we developed extensive contacts with numerous international bloggers and blogger networks in all key source markets,” explains Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the GNTB. “The combination of social media activities and various blogger projects within the framework of the ‘Youth Hotspots’ campaign has not only generated impressive traffic, content on and our presence on various social networks, but throughout the campaign, the number of European tourists Germany within the 15-34 age group years has also increased by eight percent, according to worldwide travel monitor IPK. With the #youngDresden project, we want to encourage other destinations to benefit from our experience and use this to their advantage on a wider scale”.

Dr. Bettina Bunge, Managing Director of the Dresden Marketing Board, adds: “Building on our theme of 2015 with the slogan ‘Dresden – Definitely Different ‘ we have invited bloggers to focus on the younger, hip and alternative aspects of Dresden. It’s a priority for us that visitors and guests get to know the cosmopolitan, international and tolerant city that is Dresden”.

Keith Jenkins, CEO of iambassador, said, “The #youngDresden campaign is the latest collaboration between iambassador and GNTB and we are proud to partner with the beautiful city of Dresden to help showcase its cultural and historic attractions”.

The campaign is being run under the hashtag #youngDresden throughout European source markets including Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France and the overseas markets of the USA and Brazil.