iambassador works with leading online travel influencers from around the world

The iambassador team

The iambassador team consists of established online travel influencers, many of them professionals who have transitioned from successful careers in other fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge from diverse sectors including:

  • Banking
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Business

The work of these expert storytellers, marketers, photographers, and videographers has been featured by media outlets such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Huffington Post, and has appeared in countless online and print publications.

The collective audience of the award-winning iambassador team exceeds 10 million worldwide. Team members have been recognized internationally for their achievements in categories such as:


  • Best Luxury Travel Blog
  • Best Budget Travel Blog
  • Best Travel Photography
  • Best Travel Blog Innovation
  • Best Destination Coverage
  • Blogger of the Year


The iambassador team of digital influencers includes some of the best known travel bloggers and social media travel personalities in the world, as well as award-winning video producers. Our 40+ team members have been specifically selected based on a variety of criteria including quality content, specialized niches, vast social media reach, and top-notch teamwork.

iambassador also works closely with digital travel influencer networks in China, Germany, India, France, the Nordics, Spain, and Brazil, allowing us to engage a large pool of travel influencers around the world. With over 3,000 additional influencers in this extended network, we are able to tap into their audiences and offer local language exposure in these markets.