Following on from the success of last month’s Social Travel Summit in Ravenna, we are proud to present the STS 2019 Think Tank report. This report sums up the discussions held during the Think Tank. For the first time, the STS Ravenna 2019 Think Tank was open to all delegates – in the past, admission to the Think Tank was by invitation only. The delegates were free to choose which topic was of most interest to them and join the discussion group. The following topics were discussed:

1. How to influence the influencers?

2. What does responsible behaviour look like by bloggers and DMOs?

3. From marketer to facilitator: How DMOs are changing and what bloggers can do to support them.

4. How to break the numbers cycle? How else can we measure success?

5. Reflecting our travel readers: Diversity in travel blogging.

The STS Ravenna Think Tank also included two role-play groups which were given the task of discussing the client-blogger relationship within the framework of a given scenario and act out their findings during a 30-minute role play session.

In addition, a special group was given the task of reassessing the STS Code of Ethics for travel bloggers which was first created in 2014. Based on their discussions, a new Charter of Ethics will be published for all travel bloggers to adopt.

Click HERE to download and view this free report.