BRANDS EYE logoWe are excited to announce a new partnership with BrandsEye, an online monitoring and data analysis company. BrandsEye is the world’s first crowd-supported online monitoring and insights company, which tracks, measures and reports online brand conversations.

The BrandsEye Crowd uses a large community of real people to bring local context and judgement to evaluating and contextualising online mentions, such as vernacular, slang, sentiment and cultural references, among others. The Crowd ensures that data has been given the human touch, allowing for less subjective sentiment analysis, enabling data classification via means of tagging and, most importantly, increasing accuracy of data analysis by up to 20%. 

BrandsEye will assist iambassador by tracking and monitoring online conversations in iambassador campaigns. Brandseye will provide the data for client reporting as well as for case studies and White Papers produced by iambassador.

The BrandsEye philosophy

The BrandsEye team believes that brands and consumers should be given as much exposure to each other as possible. With heightened Internet penetration and remarkable uptake of Social Media, the overwhelming data available is a massive opportunity for brands to learn from consumers. The power is now in the hands of the consumer and the only way for brands to flourish is to communicate and deliver on their consumers’ expectations. We understand this and aim to help brands make the most of this fast-paced and ever-evolving online world.

iambassador is convinced that this partnership with BrandsEye will provide valuable campaign statistics and insights, thereby enhancing our value-added to clients, as well as reinforce our position as a leading and innovative network for blogger and social media campaigns.

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