We’re very excited to announce three new appointments to the iambassador team. These new appointments in Creative Concepts, Video and IT reflect our plans to improve our current offerings as well as develop new products and services.

kash-bhattacharyaKash Bhattacharya, widely known as the Budget Traveler, is our ‘ideas man’ and will spearhead the development of new Creative Concepts. Kash was one of the creators of our innovative Blogville concept, which has since been replicated around the world, from Finland to South Africa. Kash is the Founder and Publisher of the award-winning Budget Traveller blog. The focus of his blog has always been to show people how to travel in style on a budget. He has been featured by the New York Times, Lonely Planet, Guardian, Vanity Fair & National Geographic. Kash will assume the function of Director of Creative Concepts at iambassador.

caspar-diederikCaspar Diederik, the Founder of the Story Travelers team of professional videographers, will be iambassador’s primary advisor for video content and services. Caspar, himself an incredibly talented videographer, has worked with iambassador on a regular basis, creating stunning productions for iambassador campaigns in, amongst others, Canada, South Africa and Mauritius. Caspar is a curious teller of visual stories and lover of natural things. His life changed dramatically four years ago as he left a managerial position in a direct marketing and sales company, moved from his home, The Netherlands, to southern Italy to begin building his dream. His background in social cultural science, paired with a lifelong love of photography, eventually led to the creation of the several travel storytelling projects that became StoryTravelers, a tribe of visual storytellers who chase and cultivate authentic experiences around the globe and recount them in evocative ways. His videos have received well over 3 million views through multiple platforms and channels. Caspar will assume the role of Director of Video at iambassador.

erik van erpErik van Erp, Founder and Publisher of the Around the Globe blog, is one of the top travel bloggers in the Netherlands. The Around the Globe community has, since its inception in 2002, grown to become the largest independent traveller community in the country. With his background in IT, Erik has always been a big help behind in the scenes, advising the iambassador bloggers and Management Team on technical issues and SEO. He has and will continue to play an instrumental role in building and developing the iambassador blogger database with its integrated project management, tracking and ROI calculation systems. Erik will assume the role of Director of IT where he will continue to develop and execute iambassador’s IT strategies, client reporting and internal communication platforms.

Kash, Caspar and Erik have in the past years been closely involved with the growth of iambassador, making them practically family. We’re very excited to have them in our team and we’re convinced that their expertise and experience will help to shape the future of iambassador.