Marciello preparing for the race at Silverstone Formula 2 GP (image courtesy of Globalgrasshopper).

iambassador is proud to collaborate with the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board and the Ferrari Driver Academy in Maranello on a unique project that will give the public a behind the scenes view of Formula racing. The #InsideFDA project features the Italian Motorvalley that is home to Ferrari, one of the world strongest brands (source: Brand Finance).

In June 2014, Graham Padmore, blogger of Global Grasshopper embarked on his adventure in the Emilia Romagna region to discover the Ferrari Driver Academy world closely. For one week, he followed the rising star of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Raffaele Marciello, during his mental and physical preparation. During his stay Graham also visited the two Ferrari Museums located in the Modena province: the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

The public could follow his experiences live through the hashtags #insideFDA and #inEmiliaRomagna on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. During his week in the region, Graham also explored the cultural, historical and culinary attractions such as the production site of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Graham then joined the team in Silverstone, England, where he followed the pilot Raffaele Marciello during his races on the British circuit for the Formula 2 GP.

APT_eng_whiteIn October, a German blogger, Michael Ankermueller, from Lilies Diary will follow another Ferrari Driver Academy pupil, Antonio Fuoco, during his preparation in Maranello, Emilia Romagna, for the race on the Hockenheim circuit in Germany for the Formula 3 series. For a unique view of the world of auto racing, follow the hashtags #InsideFDA and #inEmiliaRomagna in October.

iambassador is very excited to once again work with the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board and this time alongside the Ferrari Driver Academy to showcase the Italian Motorvalley and the exciting world of Formula racing.