During this health crisis, we have sought new ways to create campaigns that require no travel but which contribute to keeping a destination on travellers’ minds, and assist with tourism recovery efforts when travel is safe again. One of our focus areas was content creation, in this case, leveraging existing content in different ways. Together with Emilia-Romagna Tourism, we developed two content creation projects: the ‘Unforgettable Experiences #InEmiliaRomagna’ eMagazine and Emilia-Romagna Getaways whereby travel bloggers were invited to create itineraries from major Italian destinations to entice travellers to visit Emilia-Romagna. Today, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of the Unforgettable Experiences #InEmiliaRomagna eMagazine!

InEmiliaRomagna eMagazine

The eMagazine is a collection of unique Emilia-Romagna experiences as described by travel bloggers who have visited the region. The content covers various themes: from food to fast cars, art history, nature and adventure. The eMagazine is available as a free download. We hope the stories in the eMagazine will inspire you to visit Emilia-Romagna when travel is safe again.

Should you wish to develop ideas to leverage existing content for your travel business or organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.