wtm_2014_logoiambassador is an active participant at WTM London each year. This year, iambassador will host two sessions at the WTM Inspire Theatre on Wednesday 9th November, and collaborate with San Marino Tourism to host two travel influencer events.

Digital and Influencer Marketing Developments and Trends

Wednesday, 9th November; 14:45 – 15:30
WTM Inspire Theatre, EU475

In this session, iambassador will present the Social Travel Summit Think Tank report. This report summarises the discussions and conclusions of a select group of digital marketing executives from DMO’s and brands as well as travel bloggers/influencers which took place at the Social Travel Summit in Inverness (September 2016). The discussions cover topics such as digital marketing trends, working more effectively with influencers and ethics of influencer marketing.

This session will be presented by iambassador and Toposophy.


  • Keith Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, iambassador
  • Melvin Böcher, Chief Operating Officer, iambassador
  • Nicholas Montemaggi, Director of Marketing & Project Management, iambassador
  • Peter Jordan, Senior Tourism Analyst, Toposophy

Keith Jenkins telling the story of the impact of a blog post on a small business at WTM London 2015.

How collaborations are shaping the new world of digital marketing in tourism

Wednesday, 9th November; 15:30 – 16:15
WTM Inspire Theatre, EU475

The move to digital has spawned a whole series of innovative ideas and collaborations in tourism marketing. DMO’s and brands are working with travel bloggers/influencers in exciting new ways. In addition, cross-border collaborations amongst DMOs and travel influencers transcend competitive barriers, help reduce costs and achieve a higher ROI. In this session, iambassador and invited DMOs will present case studies that illustrate the benefits to be gained through these collaborations.

This session will be presented by iambassador and specially-invited DMOs.


  • Nicholas Montemaggi, Director of Marketing & Project Management, iambassador
  • Gemma Suñer Oller, Online Marketing Manager, Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board
  • Giovanni Arata, Social Media Manager, Emilia Romagna Tourist Board

Digital Influence Unplanned

Wednesday, 9th November; 16:30 – 17:30
WTM Inspire Theatre, EU475

Following the two sessions above, iambassador will also participate in a discussion panel. For this closing session, the founders of iambassador, Traverse and Travel Perspective will come together for a completely unplanned session all around digital influencers and their role in the travel industry.

With questions and discussions started by social media and audience participation, the moderator will have their work cut out in managing that chairs don’t start to fly as while the three organisations may be working towards a similar goal, they’re not always in agreement of how to reach it!

Moderator: Jennifer Howze


  • Michael Ball, Director, Traverse
  • Keith Jenkins, CEO, iambassador
  • Steve Keenan, Co-founder, Travel Perspective
  • Sarah Lee, Founder, LiveShareTravel & Captivate

san-marino-logoSan Marino travel influencer events

San Marino Tourism will collaborate with iambassador to organise two events for travel influencers at the San Marino Tourism Board stand (EU2065). The events are:

  • Monday, 7th November, 15:00 – 16:00. Coffee, cake and networking! Join us and our San Marino friends for delicious San Marino cakes and find out more about the world’s oldest republic!
  • Tuesday, 8th November, 17:00 – 18:00. Join us for a relaxing glass of wine after a busy day at WTM.