Designed to find and train a new digital brand ambassador for wombat’s CITY HOSTELS, the #wombatsTraveller campaign comprised of three phases:

  1. Promotion and invitation to bloggers to sign up
  2. Selection of 3 bloggers (Dave McClane, Claire Sturzaker and Iulia Vasile) who were then matched with 3 professional bloggers (Michael Turtle, Helene Sula and Kash Bhattacharya) for a week-long trip to two European cities
  3. Selection of the new wombat’s digital ambassador.

The wombatsTravellers teams.

An innovative concept to find and train a brand ambassador

During phase 1, 80 bloggers from around the world applied to be considered for the project. Of these, 3 bloggers were selected. During phase 2, the 3 bloggers travelled to two European cities together with their professional counterpart, from whom they could learn the finer points of digital marketing and content creation. They travelled together for one week, sharing their travel experiences on social media. Parties with local bloggers were organised at wombat’s CITY HOSTELS in London and Berlin. Upon their return, they published longer form content on their blogs. Based on the quality and reach of their content, and engagement, the new wombat’s ambassador was chosen.

A wombat featured prominently in Vienna!

Training for the new brand ambassador continues with sponsored participation at influencer conferences such as the Social Travel Summit and visits to the wombat’s Holdings offices to meet with and learn from the digital marketing team.

One of the blog posts was featured on Lonely Planet.

The brand ambassadorship kicks off in 2019. The new wombatsTraveller will attend the opening of new wombat’s CITY HOSTELS in various European cities, and participate in trips to cover existing properties. The content created by the wombatsTraveller will encompass hostel and city guides and stories.

The wombat’s CITY HOSTEL Berlin view!

A selection of the content

Covent Garden, London

Guide to the Jewish Quarter in Budapest.

Guide to Whitechapel, London.

Berlin walking guide

London Tower Bridge

Campaign results

The campaign, with its hashtag #wombatsTraveller, generated Opportunities-To-See (impressions) of 39.3 million between 6th June – 31st July 2018. The campaign reached approximately 3.2 million people and drew 52,000+ engagements. The CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of this campaign was €0.66 (average global CPM on Facebook is €10.71) and the Cost per Action (click/engagement) was €0.37 (average global CPA/CPC on Facebook is €1.48).

  • Number of participating influencers: 6
  • Number of accounts reached: 3.2 million
  • Number of engagements: 52,387
  • Number of influencer Facebook posts: 77
  • Number of influencer Twitter posts: 333
  • Number of influencer Instagram posts: 53
  • Number of Instagram Stories: 206
  • Number of influencer blog posts: 24

Reporting period: 6th June 2018 – 31st July 2018

The winner

The UK-based blogger Claire Sturzaker who blogs at Tales of a Backpacker was selected as the new #wombatsTraveller. She wins an internship with the wombat’s CITY HOSTELS digital merketing team and be the official #wombatsTraveller brand ambassador.