Puglia Village Roadshow

In the spring/summer of 2014, Puglia Tourism organised the WeAreinPuglia roadshow covering six European cities (Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Munich and Dublin). For a duration of ten days, Puglia Tourism created a Puglia Village at popular places in each of these cities where the general public could drop by and learn more about Puglia. In addition, various activities were organised such as cooking classes, music lessons and wine and food tastings.

Puglia Tourism partnered with iambassador to execute a novel marketing scheme cooked up by iambassador that would bring specific Puglia experiences right into the Puglia Village in the six European cities. iambassador selected a group of bloggers to visit Puglia and later talk about their experiences at each of the Villages. A separate group of bloggers visited Puglia at the time of each Village to broadcast live their experiences to the Village via Google Hangout. For example, Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape broadcast live from a Puglia beach, showing the public at the Puglia Village in London how beautiful the beaches are and a selection of Puglia food and wines. Another broadcast was from the cellar of a winery. While the public at the Village tasted the wines, Keith broadcast live from that winery in Puglia, talking about the family who owns the winery and showing the audience the barrels where the wine is stored.

Eleven travel bloggers from six countries were involved in this project. They promoted the #WeAreinPuglia hashtag, the Village in their home cities and broadcast their experiences live from Puglia. The resulting social media coverage generated 121 million opportunities-to-see, reaching 4.6 million social media accounts. The social media advertising value, as calculated by BrandsEye, was EUR 1.9 million.