blogville-2016-newAmsterdam/Bologna, 10th March 2016

Today we are excited to announce the 5th edition of BlogVille Italy!

The Emilia Romagna Tourist Board is happy to announce that BlogVille Italy will take place again in 2016! This year marks the 5th edition of this groundbreaking project!

Launched in 2012, together with iambassador and Traveldudes, BlogVille welcomes to Italy bloggers coming from all over the world, providing them a base in Bologna, Emilia Romagna, from which they are able to explore the destination in a totally new way, capturing the essence of local life and sharing the experience with the world!

Every blogger will have the chance to spend one week at BlogVille (from Monday to Monday) in this apartment in the heart of Bologna.

Official dates of this year’s project are: Monday 6th June – Monday 11th July.

Bloggers getting up close to a Ferrari racecar.

Bloggers getting up close to a Ferrari race car.

The Emilia Romagna Tourist Board will help bloggers to create a tailored itinerary throughout Emilia Romagna in order to discover and experience what they and their readers really want, not following the standards of a traditional blog trip, but having complete freedom with no boundaries and restrictions!

You can see all the past experiences from fellow bloggers in the last four years here.

Interested in taking part at BlogVille? Fill in the form that you will find in the Join Now! page.


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