The iambassador product can be customised to meet your objectives, requirements and/or budget.

Content Creation

In addition to generating content for publication on their own blogs and social networks, the iambassador team creates custom content for corporate blogs. Tailored to meet client needs, content can be developed for a wide array of companies, products, and services.

Photography and Video

The iambassador team includes award-winning photographers and video producers. High-resolution images produced by the bloggers are available for purchase. Images for online or social media purposes such as Facebook pages are also available.

Professional destination and/or corporate videos are also offered. The number of crew, video length, duration of filming, and distribution channels will be determined in consultation with you. See Reunion – Island of Adventure, a joint production between iambassador and RĂ©union Tourism, for an example of one of our video production projects.

Other Content Platforms

The iambassador team has extensive experience in creating e-books and micro-sites that showcase destination and product content collated from blogs and social media. These secondary platforms are ideal for re-purposing content generated from a campaign.

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