In 2012, several luxury hotels opened their doors in Toronto. To highlight Toronto as a luxury destination with a vibrant leisure and entertainment scene, iambassador proposed the #LuxuryToronto campaign. The campaign involved a 3-day blog trip with four luxury travel bloggers from Europe. The bloggers’ main objective was to discover the city’s luxury side and report their findings in ‘real-time’ via social media. The #LuxuryToronto campaign was a collaboration between iambassador with the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Toronto Tourism and Shangri-La Hotel Toronto.


The #LuxuryToronto results:

  • The Twitter campaign reached 600 thousand people and generated 9 million tweet impressions. Local businesses such as restaurants and attractions, as well as Torontonians, joined in the conversation by sharing their favourite luxury activities whilst individuals from around the world expressed their interest in visiting the city.
  • 96 photos were uploaded via Instagram.
  • More than 10 posts were published within a month, with more to come.

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