terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use


By creating a profile in the iambassador database, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not create a profile.


 1. Definitions

In the Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall be understood to have the meanings assigned to them below:

1.1 iambassador. A company under Dutch law operating its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1.2 iambassador database. A digital repository of user profiles integrated with project management, data collection and reporting functionalities.

1.3 Third party platforms. External platforms from which data is obtained such as Google Analytics and social media channels.

1.4 Profile. A user-generated entry containing personal and contact information as well as data sourced from third-party platforms.

1.5 Registrant. A natural person who has registered and created a profile in the database.

1.6 Project Manager. Recognised persons from iambassador who are authorised to create and manage projects.

1.7 Users. Anyone who accesses the iambassador database. This includes registrants and Project Managers.

1.8 Contact details. All details relating to name, postal address, phone, e-mail or any other form of electronic communication that is used by a natural person or a legal entity.


2. General

2.1 Access to the iambassador database is strictly limited to persons authorised by iambassador and Registrants, and provided these Terms and Conditions are followed.

2.2 Users may only access the iambassador database and the data contained therein to the extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions. A User who accesses the iambassador database agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Registrants have access to their own profile and the data contained therein at all times. Registrants also have the authority to update their own profile.


 3. Purpose of the iambassador database

The iambassador database contains information for the following purposes:

3.1 Allowing Registrants to be eligible for participation in iambassador projects.

3.2 Allowing Project Managers to search for suitable Profiles for projects.

3.3 Creating a seamless process: from Profile search, recruitment and contracting to project management, data collection and client reporting.

3.4 Data analysis for the purpose of client reporting and learning.


4. Use of the iambassador database

4.1 Project Managers may access the iambassador database and the data contained therein for any of the purposes as mentioned in Article 3 hereof and provided these Terms and Conditions are followed.

4.2 Registrants may access the iambassador database to create their profile. They are also authorised to update information and check data generated from third party platforms in relation to their individual profile.

4.3 iambassador records details about all updates for purposes including detecting and preventing unacceptable use.

4.4 Registrants may not re-package, download, compile, re-distribute or re-use any or all of the data contained in the iambassador database.


5. Control of the iambassador database

iambassador may correct or delete data in the iambassador database:

  • to comply with applicable law
  • if so ordered by any competent court
  • to fulfill any legal obligation
  • when a breach of the Terms and Conditions has occurred
  • for management operations of the iambassador database
  • if any data is inaccurate
  • if any data is entered by someone who is not authorised to do so.


6. Responsibilities

6.1 iambassador does not guarantee the accuracy, or completeness or availability of the iambassador database or of the data contained therein.

6.2 The Registrant is responsible for keeping all data maintained by him/her/them accurate and up-to-date, including correct Contact Details. The data must be good enough to allow iambassador to contact the Registrant within a reasonable time without having to get information from another source.

6.3 iambassador is not responsible for the use and any issues arising from the use of any third party platforms.


7. Liability

7.1 Use of the iambassador database and the data contained therein is at the User’s own risk.

7.2 With the exception of any wilful damage or gross negligence committed by iambassador or its managerial staff, neither iambassador nor any of its Directors, Project Managers or other representatives who make the iambassador database available or provide any other service whatsoever to the User, shall be liable to the User or to any third party, including any governmental agency, for any claims, losses, damages, liabilities or expenses whatsoever relating directly or indirectly to the use of the iambassador database, and the User agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend iambassador, its Directors, project Managers or other representatives for any such claims, losses, damages, liabilities or expenses, and all costs and expenses that may be incurred in relation to the use of the iambassador database, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

7.3 All rights of legal action and other entitlements on the part of the User towards iambassador in connection with the (use of) the iambassador database shall lapse as soon as a one year term has expired since the date on which the User has become aware of or could in all fairness have been aware of the existence of such rights and entitlements.



8. Miscellaneous

8.1 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid in a court of law, this shall not in any way affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

8.2 The User acknowledges and accepts that the Terms and Conditions may be amended by iambassador. iambassador will make an announcement at least one month prior to any such amendment coming into effect, unless a more immediate change is required for legal or operational reasons.



9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 The User acknowledges that any and all copyright, trade marks, database rights and other intellectual property rights subsisting in or used in connection with the iambassador database, the data contained therein, the underlying software and any accompanying documents and agreements are and shall remain the property of iambassador.

9.2 Except as provided herein, the iambassador database, the data contained therein and any accompanying documents and agreements may not be used, reproduced or made available to third parties without prior written authorisation from iambassador.



10. Governing law

These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands. The competent court in Amsterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions last updated on: February 2024