The northern Italian region of Lombardia is a region of countless destinations, experiences, territories and possibilities to entertain every visitor, whether they’re looking for sport, culture, or cuisine. In order to highlight this multitude of attractions, Explora and Regione Lombardia partnered with iambassador to create the #inLombardia365 project. This project sees selected bloggers, instagrammers and digital influencers participating in ten excursions throughout the year within the Lombardia region and discovering the region together with locals, destination ambassadors and tourists.

The goal of the project is to position Lombardy as a premier tourist destination by showcasing the region to target markets through the eyes and reach of international influencers.

iambassador is official partner of the project and will send some of the top international travel influencers from its network to Lombardia throughout the year and will help Explora and Regione Lombardia in the management of the selected influencers.

The *current results of the #inLombardia365 campaign provided by our partner BrandsEye are:

  • 85.9 thousand #inLombardia365 mentions on the different social media platforms
  • 215.5 million OTS (opportunities-to-see) on the different social media platforms
  • €4.9 million in AVE (advertising value equivalent)
For more information about the #inLombardia365 project you can visit the official website.
*last update: 9th January 2017