Germany Off the Beaten Track – #EnjoyHiddenGermany

Since 2018 iambassador, in partnership with the German National Tourist Board and Deutsche Bahn, executes and manages the #EnjoyHiddenGermany campaign. Tailored to highlight lesser-known places and sustainable travel options in Germany, #EnjoyHiddenGermany is a dynamic multi-destination campaign involving content creators and videographers from the French, Italian, Spanish and Swiss markets who embark on a one-week itinerary to discover off-the-beaten-path areas of Germany. The primary deliverables were video content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, targeting the four European markets and designed to drive engagement. 


An increasing focus on sustainable travel

This successful collaborative effort has increasingly strengthened its focus on sustainable travel, with the aim of showing travellers a wide range of conscious choices as they explore Germany. Whereas in the first edition, the aim was to encourage travellers to explore the German countryside, in the latest editions, the main objective was adapted to encourage travellers to travel to/within Germany by train and explore the countryside in a sustainable, low emission manner.


#EnjoyHiddenGermany 2022

The 2022 edition delved deeper into the sustainability theme, highlighting train travel, non-motorised sightseeing options, eco-conscious accommodations, locally-sourced and plant-based food, and community-centric experiences. The content creators, one from each of the target markets, were selected based on their expertise in sustainable travel.

Divided into two teams, the participants arrived in Germany by train and followed one-week itineraries on two different routes: the Ems River in northern Germany and the Main River in southern Germany. Along the way, they travelled by public transport and participated in low carbon-emitting activities such as walking tours and bike/kayak excursions. They also visited organic farms, vineyards and breweries, and utilised local guides for authentic community experiences such as yoga in nature, street art walking tours and vineyard picnics with organic wines and farm-to-table food. In addition to sharing their experiences with their followers, the content creators also provided valuable feedback on the sustainable travel offerings in the countryside.

The #EnjoyHiddenGermany videos of the trips were published on GNTB YouTube channels and generated 5.4 million views over the four target markets.
 The content creators participating in the trip delivered over 300 social media posts/videos on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, which generated a Reach of 4.6 million users. The video content was viewed almost 1 million times.

The videos created by the iambassador team can be found on the official YouTube channel of the German National Tourist Board.