Today sees the proud launch of another new and exciting iambassador campaign in partnership with Italian regional tourist board, Emilia-Romagna.

Over the coming months four family bloggers from the Dutch and English speaking markets will be making their way to Emilia-Romagna to explore the region, with a specific focus on what it has to offer families with young children. This focus will take the influencers and their families to the Riviera dei Parchi, or the “Riviera of Theme Parks”, a range of adventure and theme parks found along the sunny Adriatic Riviera. iambassador is looking forward to discovering some real family-fun destinations in a region that is already so well known for food, culture and heritage tourism.

To follow along with all the influencers’ adventures inside the theme parks and around the whole Emilia-Romagna region, keep an eye on the #inEmiliaRomagna and #RivieradeiParchi hashtags and be sure to check out the Riviera dei Parchi and Emilia-Romagna Facebook pages.

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