Tremblant (image courtesy of Stephane Duquesne).

Tremblant (image courtesy of Stephane Duquesne).

We are thrilled to announce the latest iambassador project: #LoveWinter – a collaboration with the Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Quebéc and Tourism Montréal. This project brings four bloggers and a videographer to Quebéc in February 2014. This group was specially selected for their lack of skiing/snowboarding skills. They will get to experience winter in Quebéc and learn how to ski/snowboard in the famous resort town of Mont Tremblant for three days before continuing to Montréal where the bloggers will get to participate in typical winter activities on Mont-Royal, go ice-fishing in the Old Port and attend the IglooFest.

The objectives of the project are to highlight Quebéc as a winter destination for Europeans. Montréal is only a six+-hour flight from London and offers a multitude of winter activities as well as vibrant cultural and culinary scenes. Mont Tremblant is the premier ski resort in Quebéc and is only a two-hour drive from Montréal. The bloggers will update their social media channels during the trip, sharing their wintry experiences through text, photos and short videos. In addition, Caspar Diederik (who produced the beautiful #MyMauritius movie) will film the bloggers’ exploits on the slopes of Mont Tremblant and in Montréal.

The bloggers who are participating in this project are:

Join the bloggers as they experience the best that Quebéc has to offer for winter enthusiasts via the hashtag #LoveWinter on social media channels such as Twitter, facebook, Google+ and Instagram.


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